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Why Jonboro?


IN the early days of my amateur cine film making I "shot" on Standard 8mm film. I used the attention-grabbing name of "A J H B Film" . . . ! But I wanted something a little better.

   The chance came to me when I was covering a local hunt event in my job as a reporter on the local weekly newspaper, The Nantwich Chronicle.

   I was talking to one of the hunt supporters about something or other and she asked my name. When I told her, she commented: "Jonboro, what a funny name."

  Clearly, people of my standing - a mere minion among the elite of the county - were expected to give only a surname. ("Smith, thank you ma'am.") With possibly a tug of the forelock. So a single name was all she heard.   




After getting over my amusement, I decided that I would use Jonboro for my cine films, and later for my videos.


l Incidentally, the letter J that is part of the opening logo on my videos - and the banner heading of this website - is an old-fashioned printing block which I bought as a novelty key ring while on holiday some years ago. I removed the key ring part and kept the rest as a printing souvenir.

   Sadly, the block had been reduced in depth, presumably to make it more acceptable as a key ring. Printing blocks are, naturally, of a standard depth so that all the letters line up and print with a standard pressure on the paper.   

John Brough