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Be an outlet

WE are always looking for premises such as village shops or local pubs in the places featured in the DVDs to be an outlet for the videos.

   We already ask the churches and places which are home to a particular curiosity as seen in the DVDs, but they don't always feel able to handle them. Some churches have a rule that they stock only religious books, etc.

   Of course, our prime aim is to boost the Restoration Appeal Fund at St Mary's,

Nantwich, but there is no reason why you can't have some income for your shop, etc, or put some




money into your church funds.

   Let's be honest, you will not make a fortune from handling the DVDs but every little helps these days.

   And you will not be risking your funds. DVDs are supplied on a sale-or-return basis and so payment is not required until you have sold the DVDs and have the money in hand!

   If you're interested, send an e-mail to webmaster@jonborovideos.me.uk and we can take it from there.  


  Thank you.