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Great film. I enjoyed it! Best thing on TV on a wet Saturday afternoon.

- Malcolm Oldfield, PictureHouse Films, Chester, UK.


Usually, when I settle down on a Saturday afternoon I fall asleep in front of the television, but not with this video. We both thought it was wonderful. And although we know it was made by amateurs, it looks as though it could have been made professionally. 

- Bob Hope, former co-proprietor - with Caroline - of the Inglenook Tea Shoppe, Pillory Street, Nantwich. (Now Molly's Tea Shoppe.)

[Bob added that he knew of two pub quizmasters who had bought a DVD to find new questions.]


I think it is superb. No doubt I'll watch it many times and it will certainly be one of my treasures.

- Barbara Jones, of A. B. and H. Prints, Nantwich, and  widow of J. Haydn Jones, the Nantwich artist, one of whose drawings appears in the video.


I thought it was excellent. Very professional.

- Edward Thornton-Firkin, one of the two Church Wardens at St Peter's Church, Hargrave (one of the buildings featured in the video.)






I enjoyed watching it. Very interesting and I'm already looking around for some of the "odd spots".

- Gareth Roberts, Nantwich.


The DVD - well constructed, well narrated and well produced - is enjoying the popularity it deserves. What next? [Well, this].

- David Wyche, Nantwich.


I received the DVD this afternoon and watched it with my daughter who is here on a visit. We both enjoyed it immensely. Well done. The whole thing was well paced and the narration and visuals were spot on.

- David Kirkpatrick, USA.


I have had a very interesting time viewing the videos (South Cheshire Curiosities and More Cheshire Curiosities) and must congratulate the team on a very professional effort.

- Anthony J. Robinson, Whitchurch, Shropshire.  

[Author of "Dad had an Engine Shed"; The Oakwood Press.]