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The Jewel in the Town


THIS video takes the viewer on a tour of the 650(plus)-year-old church of St Mary in the centre of the market and floral town of Nantwich.

  As a bonus, the viewer can relax in their armchair and visit places in the church that not even the visitors to St Mary's can see.

   In the central, octagonal, tower the camera goes into the ringing chamber as the team of bellringers ring for a wedding; and into the bell chamber from where the church's eight bells peal out. A dangerous place for the unwary when several hundredweight of bells are swinging around in the bells frame!

   Without having to move from their armchairs, the video viewers find themselves on the top of the sandstone tower. And a lot more relaxed than the cameraman who made the climb in reality to capture the scene.  A magnificent view of the town and surrounding countryside from 100 feet up in the air is to be enjoyed.

   The video guide on the tour of the church is Harold Forster MBE who is one of the church's emeritus (retired) tour guides - a man who knows what he is talking about.

   Harold wrote the commentary as well as speaking it. The commentary was recorded by Neil Murray who sadly died before the next project of the "team", "Curious South Cheshire" was completed.

   The video costs 10 for the (approximately) 40-minute programme, and all proceeds will go to the restoration fund of St Mary's Parish Church, Nantwich.  


Outlets: Nantwich Book Shop.


l The video is duplicated by Downstream of Nantwich.