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Ship Ahoy


THE story of the raising of the Salt Ship in 2004 up to its display in one of the main galleries of Nantwich Museum in 2006 is recorded in a video made primarily for the Museum archives.

   But it was decided to put it on sale to the public and you can buy a copy from the Museum Shop. Available as a DVD, "Ship Ahoy" contains behind-the-scenes footage as the story unfolds.

   Watch as the salt ship is raised from the sticky mud that preserved it; see what is on the site now; visit the workshop where the ship was preserved; see its return to Nantwich; and attend the launch at a special ceremony in the Millennium Gallery - all from the comfort of your armchair.

   The full-colour video is in 4:3 format - although some earlier scenes were shot in simulated widescreen and appear within the 4:3 format in a "letterbox" setting. It runs for approximately 38 minutes. All proceeds are for Nantwich Museum funds.


NOTE: A Salt Ship is not something that sailed (any more than a gravy boat sails!). It was an oak tree trunk hollowed out to hold brine until it was boiled to release the salt. To learn more about the Salt Ship go to: www.dabbersnantwich.me.uk/saltship.htm.


Excellent DVD

"Congratulations on the production of an excellent DVD explaining all that was entailed in the exhibition of the Nantwich Salt Ship. I would like to wish everyone concerned with the Museum continuing success in their preservation of the area's history. We all need to ensure that the little 'gems' like the Salt Ship are preserved and not lost for ever." - Cllr Howard Curran, former Mayor of Crewe and Nantwich, who officially launched the salt ship exhibit.


Good memento

"The DVD is a very fine record of this rather unusual project and a good memento of the work we did in York" - Jim Spriggs, former Head of Conservation at the York Archaeological Trust where the Salt Ship sections were treated to preserve them.


Outlet: Nantwich Museum.


l The video is duplicated by Downstream of Nantwich.


The drawing of the salt house on the video cover (above) is copyright 2007 Nantwich Museum; Cheshire County Council; and Mike Ritchie.