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Buying on-line



WHAT if, despite the number of outlets who stock Jonboro Videos, you are still not near enough to one to call in and buy a DVD (or two!) ?

   You can pay through PayPal, even if you don't have an account with them.

   These are the steps:

  • Send an e-mail requesting the DVD(s) you require and an address to where we can send it/them. We won't need your bank details (and you don't get to know ours. . .!) but you will need to tell PayPal the details when they ask. That way your details are  known only to them.

  • PayPal will send you an invoice on our behalf and you pay them.

  • When PayPal receive money from you, they credit us with the amount you have paid. (We pay a small fee for the transaction - but you don't).

  • We then post the DVD(s) to the address you gave in the e-mail when you ordered it/them.

   Of course, there is a postage and package charge on top of the 10 cost of the DVD. As this varies we will check it out at the time you send your DVD request and e-mail the details to you. We will go ahead with the procedure above if you are happy with the amount.

   Before you use this method of buying DVDs check the outlets page for any who send DVDs in the post.


lAlternatively, you could order a copy from Nantwich Book Shop.